Thursday, December 18, 2008

gday friends

in the media this week there has been coverage on the theory that low carb eating causes low memory function. what a load of fruit and nuts [aka rubbish]. let it be known that there is no such thing as an essential carbohydrate. there are both essential fats and also essential fatty acids [proteins] but not carbohydrates. the eskimos live perfectly well 6 months of the year on a zero carb diet - living on whale blubber consisting of protein and fat.

here is the problem... in all their 'wisdom' most dieticians and nutritionists think thast because the brain needs a certain amount of glucuse to function, then this correlates to a certain amount of carbs. i can understand their rationalle - after all thats what i was taught too at UNI by the "carb pushers" but it is simply not true... and here is why.

thanks to our evolutionery biology there is an amazing process in the body known as gluconeogenesis - gluco what the what you might be saying. well this is where the body effectively takes other substrates [proteins and fats] and turns the into glucose for energy to fuel the body and the brain. you see you dont need to eat sugar to get sugar. the hunter gatherer style eating plan works well like this and aviods the sugar and insulin spikes that high carb eating causes.

if we are to make inroads on obesity and diabetes then we must appreciate the roll of gluconeogenesis in the body. if not people will continue to flood their body with carbs and sugars because they are told that is the healthy way. WRONG!!! we have all been sold a bill of goods that is wrong when it comes to RDI of carbs.

more on this to come shortly - i am pasionate about this because

geoff jowett

Sunday, December 7, 2008

"Myths, Lies and Exercise"

Hi Everybody,

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This blog like many of my projects has been brought about through my constant frustration with the lies and false promises made throughout the health, fitness and weight loss industry. As many of you would know just over 18 months ago I created the Bodytrim system to educate the public on the truth about how to lose weight and maintain that weight through a healthily diet and realistic exercise.

The response I have had has been amazing!! Every week I get 100's of letters from people all over Australia telling me how the system has changed their life... And together as new members of the public join our fight against obesity and many weight related diseases it fuels my drive to get the message out to more and more people all across Australian and the world.

I have just released my new book "Myths, Lies and Exercise" its goal is simple... SMASH THE LIES!!!! So many people have listened to the wrong information about weight loss and are left frustrated and still looking to lose weight. “Myths Lies and Exercise” tells you the truth, no bull, no false promises and is full of real life testimonials of people that have followed these simple processes and achieved AMAZING results. “Myths, Lies and Exercise” is out now in all good book outlets, health stores, selected pharmacies and online.

This blog is for anyone and everyone looking to gain answers and the right information on health and weight loss. I look forward to talking to you all as we join on our global quest to rid the world of weight related diseases!!!

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